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Nice Job! Again Tonight, Only Louder!

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~~~ How to Start an NFA Chant Without the Band’s Help ~~~

1) Decide collectively when to do it (herding cats). Check! It took us like a month but we talked it out and settled on the start of the 2nd set all 5 nights.

2) Get the word out to everyone (herding cats) In progress! We have thousands of cards in circulation in Santa Clara. We will have TENS of thousands in circulation in Chicago.

3) CHANT! And get everyone around you to do it too (herding cats). Check! We heard you on the stream. You made an impact!

4) Get LOUDER! (herding cats). In Progress! You didn’t actually think this was going to be easy did you? The key is to do it again tonight, only louder. Then again on the 3rd only louder! And again! And again! Will will add people each time!

This is gonna be like China Cat — It started last night and will continue through the entire set of shows! Like herding China Cat Sunflowers! It’s not going to be easy, but we knew that … it’s why we started organizing months ago and it’s why we have an army descending upon Chicago.

Great job last night everyone! Get some rest. We need you back at the mine tomorrow!