Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Who are we? Who the hell are you???

Okay, seriously, #NFA was a facebook group who singular mission is to organize the fan’s efforts to give thanks to the Grateful Dead during their Fare Thee Well Tour of 2015. We’re done now. So now we’re about 1,000 deadheads scattered through the globe with great big smiles on our faces, because we got to be a part of this epic event.

How did this start?

When the concerts were announced, like most, our thoughts initially focused on getting tickets, hotel accommodations, rides and the like. However, our very next thought was the gravity of the occasion. As most may know, the Grateful Dead is not just a “band.”  As the figurehead of the San Francisco Bay Area psychedelic music scene, they are an American institution. Their importance to many of us really is beyond description. And our love for them can only be expressed – it can’t be described. On this, their 50th anniversary and last stand, we thought it appropriate to organize an effort to fully thank the band members, crew and periphery for their life’s work.

Are you associated with the Grateful Dead, concert promoters, GDM, Rex Foundation or any arm of the Grateful Dead?

No, we are not. Our only interest is in sending the Boys off with the warm glow of the Grateful Dead Nation in their hearts. That said, some of the aforementioned organizations have expressed their gratitude for our efforts.

Who created the beautiful art for your page?

The artwork was created by Gina English. You can find some of her other work at: